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Riches and Power

Hand-crafted, saddle stitched (with thread). Produced as a companion book for the upgraded version of "Ervool" ...

Quicks Around The Zodiac – A Farce

A limited release from Cheap Street in 1983

Whispers 13/14

First published in 1979 by Whispers as a Hardback

A Fritz Leiber tribute issue of the magazine Whispers was also released as a HB book signed by Fritz and the editors. As well as The Button Molder, the book also contains some wonderful illustrations from Steve Fabian, his ‘Swords set’ is just stunning.

Rosemary Pardue also wrote the excellent article on the Button Molder short Story.

The Book also contains.

A Ghostly Photograph of Fritz Leiber • interior artwork by Emil Petaja

The Button Molder • novelette by Fritz Leiber

Swords and Deviltry Folio • interior artwork by Stephen Fabian

Fritz Leiber Revisited: From Hyde Park to Geary Street • essay by James Wade

Alderman Stratton’s Fancy • (1969) • shortstory by David Campton

Alderman Stratton’s Fancy • interior artwork by Raul Garcia Capella

Castle of Tears • [Dread Empire] • shortstory by Glen Cook

Castle of Tears • interior artwork by Vincent Napoli

Blood Moon • shortstory by Thomas L. Owen

Chang Dree • shortstory by Gerald W. Page

HPL: A Reminiscence (part 2 of 2) • essay by H. Warner Munn

The Sorcerer’s Dream • shortstory by Brian Lumley

The Sorcerer’s Dream • interior artwork by Alan Hunter

A Fly One • shortstory by Steve Sneyd

A Fly One • interior artwork by Denis Tiani

The Last Ambition • shortstory by Charles L. Grant

The Last Ambition • interior artwork by Alan Hunter

Who Nose What Evil • shortstory by Charles E. Fritch

Who Nose What Evil • interior artwork by Jim Shull

The White Beast • [Dilvish] • shortstory by Roger Zelazny

The White Beast • interior artwork by Alan Hunter

The Secret Member • essay by J. Vernon Shea

The Dead Line • shortstory by Dennis Etchison

Smoke Ghost • interior artwork by Chris Pellitiere

Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

Two Sought Adventure

First published in 1957 by Gnome Press as a Hardback

The first release of Fafhrd and Mouser stories in book form (before then they were published in magazines), it contains the stories found in Swords Against Death ( which added some linking stories). Leiber links all the sories with mini historical backgrounds to Nehwon and our two heroes.
The cover shown is from the Gnome Press edition

Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

Strange Wonders

First published in 2010 by Subterranean Press as a Hardback

A superb collection from Subterranean Press, bringing together many fragments of other stories as well as collection, Demons of the Upper Air, In the Beginning and Quicks Around the Zodiac and The Mystery of the Japanese Clock.

“In regards to Fritz Leiber, I believe that publication of such unpublished and uncollected works only strengthens his literary greatness. Through fragments, drafts and practice writings, we can clearly see the evolution from Leiber, the amateur, to Leiber, the professional. We are exposed to the clear way in which he dedicated his life to the written word and trained his abilities to produce the award-winning masterpieces that we read even today. While some may object to such a volume, I ask them this—is not the dream just as important as the empire that had been built from it? Are not the blueprints and sketches as impressive as the buildings and the artwork? We must place all this into perspective, and see that publishing such works is not a smear upon Leiber’s legacy. Rather, it completes a full circle. If we are asked to be thorough in the biography of an individual, then we must also do so for their bibliography.”

Review at SFRevu

Review at SF Crows Nest

Review at The Green Man

Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)


  • Demons of the Upper Air
  • Ghosts
  • The Recognition of Death
  • Challenge
  • Night of Death
  • The Gray Mouser: I
  • The Gray Mouser: II
  • The Midnight Wall
  • 5447 Ridgewood Court
  • The Other Side
  • Past Druid Guards
  • The Voice of Man
  • Poor Little Ape
  • Santa Monica Beach at Sunset
  • 1959: the Beach at Santa Monica

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Night’s Black Agents

First published in 1947 by Arkham House as a Hardback

Night’s Black Agents was the first book Fritz Leiber had published, and was was released by Arkham House in 1947 (3084 copies). It collects together many of his stories that appeared in ‘ Weird Tales’ and ‘Unknown’. The ‘Ancient Adventures’, two Fafhrd and Mouser stories would later appear in Swords in the Mist. The book is dedicated to his first wife Jonquil (Stephens). The Ballantine edition of Night’s Black Agents loses Adepts Gambit, whilst The Gregg press edition adds A Bit of the Dark World and The Girl With Hungry Eyes. read more

In the Beginning

First published in 1983 by Cheap Street as a Hardback

In the Beginning is a collection of the short stories Fritz wrote while he was training to be an Episcopal Minister.

Notable editions: 128 numbered copies signed by Leiber, 10 lettered copies signed by Leiber, 32 numbered and 7 lettered leatherbound copies.

Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

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Ervool, an Octavo produced by Cheap Street in 1980.

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