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Rare Fritz Leiber material available on Independent voices.

Website visitor Matthew Davis drew my attention to which contain lots of archived articles on Fritz (as well as lots of other fascinating material), as well as a short story which references ‘Our Lady of Darkness’  and was written around the same time as Pale Brown Thing.  I have added the text below – the original article is here

Berkeley Barb, Oct. 2-Nov. 4, 1976 Page 11 by  read more

Our Lady of Darkness

First published as Pale Brown Thing a 2 part serial in Fantasy & Science Fiction (issues 1,2/77). His last novel, and undoubtedly one of his very best ...

The art of Our Lady of Darkness

A cover ideally has to do two things for a book.  Draw in the potential buyer by tantalising them, exciting them,  ideally having sympathy with the content, augmenting the story(s) and adding to the gravitas of the volume.

So how do our covers stack up?

Upon it’s first appearance (as the slightly different ‘Pale Brown Thing’) in F&SF, it was given a mighty fine cover by Ron Walotsky   . Whilst the building is merely a two story, the ambiance of the cover is great, it is daylight, and Corona heights and the TV tower are featured as reflections (with the metropolitan skyline behind).  Paramentals dash and lurk around the composition, with a strong figure leaning out of the window.  I like the realism of the piece, which mirror Franz’s hyper aware state of his environment, the clarity that lets him become aware of the paramental entities.  F&SF did well by Fritz Leiber, and he had a number of fine covers, special mention should be given to the cover of ‘A Deskfull of Girls’ by  Kelly Freas, a fine, fine cover indeed. read more

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