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Locus Magazine “Fritz Leiber – In Memoriam”

I have scanned in and converted the very interesting November 1992 issue of Locus magazine, that contained tributes from Justin Leiber, Marion Zimmer Bradley and L Sprague De Camp, plus numerous photos.  Well worth a read.

Fritz Leiber – In Memoriam


Covers are only shown where they are for one of Fritz’s stories.

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The Bair# 1
The Glove# 6-7
The Button Moulder# 13-14
Black Has Its Charms# 21 - 22
The Mouser Goes Below# 23 - 24

Worlds of If

Covers are only shown where they are for one of Fritz’s stories.

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http://www.lankhmar.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/WOFIFFEB1959.jpgPipe Dream 1959 / 02
The Sixty Four Square Madhouse1962 / 05
http://www.lankhmar.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/WOFIFSEP1962.jpgThe Snowbank Orbit1962 / 09
http://www.lankhmar.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/WOFIFSEP1965.jpgThe Moon Duel1965 / 09
Answering Service1967 / 12
Endfray for Ofay1969 / 03
Midnight by the Morphy Watch1974 / 07

Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories was an American science fiction magazine launched in April 1926 by Hugo Gernsback’s Experimenter Publishing. It was the first magazine devoted solely to science fiction.

Covers are only shown where they are for one of Fritz Leiber stories.
Let Freedom Ring1950 / 04
http://www.lankhmar.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/amazing_science_fiction_stories_196001.jpgNight of the Long Knives1960 / 01
Far Reach to Cygnus1965 / 02
The Death of Princes1976 / 06

Whispers 13/14

First published in 1979 by Whispers as a Hardback

A Fritz Leiber tribute issue of the magazine Whispers was also released as a HB book signed by Fritz and the editors. As well as The Button Molder, the book also contains some wonderful illustrations from Steve Fabian, his ‘Swords set’ is just stunning.

Rosemary Pardue also wrote the excellent article on the Button Molder short Story.

The Book also contains.

A Ghostly Photograph of Fritz Leiber • interior artwork by Emil Petaja

The Button Molder • novelette by Fritz Leiber

Swords and Deviltry Folio • interior artwork by Stephen Fabian

Fritz Leiber Revisited: From Hyde Park to Geary Street • essay by James Wade

Alderman Stratton’s Fancy • (1969) • shortstory by David Campton

Alderman Stratton’s Fancy • interior artwork by Raul Garcia Capella

Castle of Tears • [Dread Empire] • shortstory by Glen Cook

Castle of Tears • interior artwork by Vincent Napoli

Blood Moon • shortstory by Thomas L. Owen

Chang Dree • shortstory by Gerald W. Page

HPL: A Reminiscence (part 2 of 2) • essay by H. Warner Munn

The Sorcerer’s Dream • shortstory by Brian Lumley

The Sorcerer’s Dream • interior artwork by Alan Hunter

A Fly One • shortstory by Steve Sneyd

A Fly One • interior artwork by Denis Tiani

The Last Ambition • shortstory by Charles L. Grant

The Last Ambition • interior artwork by Alan Hunter

Who Nose What Evil • shortstory by Charles E. Fritch

Who Nose What Evil • interior artwork by Jim Shull

The White Beast • [Dilvish] • shortstory by Roger Zelazny

The White Beast • interior artwork by Alan Hunter

The Secret Member • essay by J. Vernon Shea

The Dead Line • shortstory by Dennis Etchison

Smoke Ghost • interior artwork by Chris Pellitiere

Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

Future Science Fiction

Future Science Fiction magazine had its genesis in two magazines that both began to be published in 1939: Science Fiction (March 1939) and Future Fiction (November 1939). In October 1941, the two magazines were merged into the new Future Combined with Science Fiction. In October 1942 the name was changed to Future Fantasy and Science Fiction and in April 1943 it was changed to Science Fiction Stories. After the July 1943 edition, the magazine ceased publication for seven years. read more

Weird Tales

Weird Tales

Weird Tales is an American fantasy and horror fiction pulp magazine first published in March 1923, was famous for printing the Works of HP Lovecraft and Robert E Howard, later saw writers such as Fritz, Ray Brabury and Theodore Sturgeon.
Tellers of Weird Tales has excellent information & articles on this legendary publication
Covers are only shown where they are for one of Fritz’s stories. read more



Unknown (also known as Unknown Worlds) was an American pulp magazine, published from 1939 to 1943. It was edited by John W. Campbell who also edited Astounding Science Fiction, which also published some of Fritz’s stories.
Covers are only shown where they are for one of Fritz’s stories.

Two Sought Adventure (aka The Jewels in the Forest) 1939 / 08
The Bleak Shore1940 / 11
The Howling Tower 1941 / 06
http://www.lankhmar.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/UNK_0027.jpgThe Smoke Ghost 1941 / 10
The Sunken Land 1942 / 02
The Hill and the Hole 1942 / 08

The Churchman

The Churchman was a magazine to which Fritz contributed, whilst training to be an Episcopal minister. The stories were eventually collected in In The Beginning.

Where there is a link for the short story, you can view artwork from the magazine (or other artwork) and or information about the story

Riches and Power December, 1934
Further Adventures of a Balloon Circa 1935
After The Darkness Circa 1935
Children of Jerusalem Circa 1935
The Road to Jordan Circa 1935

Astounding Science Fiction

Astounding Science Fiction was an important magazine as it was an early showcase for Fritz’s stories, as well as seeing the first appearance of Gather Darkness.

Covers are only shown where they are for one of Fritz Leiber stories.
The Mutant's Brother1943 / 08
Try and Change the Past1958 / 03
Taboo1944 / 02
Sanity 1944 / 04
Thought1944 / 07
Business of Killing1944 / 09
Wanted - An Enemy1945 / 02
http://www.lankhmar.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/ASF_0238.jpgThe Lion and the Lamb1950 / 09

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