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A rather nice review of the Lankhmar series.

“One of my very favourite books, by one of my very favorite writers, starring two of the most delightful characters in the history of fantastic literature.” – Neil Gaiman I came across Fritz Leiber’s Lankhmar while browsing through a random MPH bookstore. Having read a lot of fantasy novels since young, I was keenly intrigued […]

via Book Review: Lankhmar by Fritz Leiber — TAYLOR’S UNIVERSITY BOOK CLUB read more

Pinnacle Entertainment license Lankhmar for new RPG Game

The Savage World of Lankhmar brings Fritz Leiber’s gritty world of urban fantasy into Savage Worlds, shepherded by Tim Brown (of Dark Sun and Dragon King fame) and Shane Hensley (who wrote the Lankhmar boxed set for TSR back in 1997)!

Watch for Lankhmar: City of Thieves, detailing the city itself and its most important players—including Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.

Savage Foes of Nehwon brings you the most insidious threats—powerful sorcerers, terrible creatures, and ruthless villains—with adventure seeds and Savage Tales to really fill out a campaign. read more

Artwork: Bazaar of the Bizarre

Artwork: The Lords of Quarmall

Artwork: Lean Times in Lankhmar

Lean Times in LankhmarFantastic, Aug 1959Leo Summers

Lean Times in Lankhmar
Fantastic, Aug 1959
Leo Summers

Artwork: Rime Isle

Artwork: Adepts Gambit

The Silver Eel

First published in 1978 by Robert P Barger as a Paperback

A really superb fanzine by Bob Barger, with excellent artwork by Gene Day, Jim Pitts, Liz Danforth, Herb Arnold, Martha Fischer and Tim Kirk.

  • Address to the Lankhmar Literary Guild • essay by Karl Edward Wagner
  • The Grey Mouser and the Game • essay by Harry Otto Fischer
  • Fritz Lieber: A Few Words • interview of Fritz Leiber • interview by uncredited
  • The Two Greatest Heroes in Lankhmar • essay by Mike Barrett
  • The World of Nehwon: Heroic Anarchy • essay by Thomas M. Egan
  • A Look at Science Fiction and Fantasy Wargaming • essay by Ken St. Andre

Adepts Gambit: The Original Version

Bazaar of the Bizarre, an illustrated collection released in 1978 ....

Review: Adept’s Gambit – Miskatonic Books

ADEPT'S GAMBIT: The Original Version

A book containing anything new by Fritz is always welcome. After the wealth of material in the Midnight House collections and Strange Wonders, it had all gone a little quiet, til Miskatonic Books announced their release of Fritz’s original (circa ’36) version of Adept’s Gambit, complete with HP Lovecraft’s thoughts and annotations.

Adept’s Gambit always seemed an untypical Fafhrd & Mouser story.  The tone seemed akin to The Bleak Shore and The Howlng Tower, yet it was full of commentary and farce the we would see again in Lean Times in Lankhmar or Swords of Lankhmar.  There is also the strange sexuality running through the book (which Leiber himself had noted and is referenced in this new book)which gave it a more spicy feeling than many of the other stories. read more

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