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Locus Magazine “Fritz Leiber – In Memoriam”

I have scanned in and converted the very interesting November 1992 issue of Locus magazine, that contained tributes from Justin Leiber, Marion Zimmer Bradley and L Sprague De Camp, plus numerous photos.  Well worth a read.

Fritz Leiber – In Memoriam

Locus Magazine – Fritz Leiber ‘In Memoriam’

The November 1992 issue of Locus had a collection of memories from Justin Leiber and several other authors, as well as numerous photos.  I have scanned and converted the article so everyone can enjoy it.

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Fritz Leiber at Bay, by Justin Leiber

On the evening of Saturday, September 12, 1992, Fritz Leiber lay in an open casket at San Francisco’s Colum barium. The Neptune Society’s compact, several-storied, Romanesque domed building, its walls internally well-nested with name-plaqued brassed and coppered ashes, appropriately bore symbols and titles more redolent of turn-of-the-century tarot pack and Grecian revival than Christianity. read more


1994 seems like a LONG time ago. That was when this website was first published, by laboriously inputting all the information, building the HTML using notepad and scanning in my books using a decidedly ropey hand scanner.

The original URL was, which is a pain as a lot of sites still list this on their pages and I have no way of redirecting!

Times have moved on and with WordPress making a website so much easier to build, I have converted all the content over from the old site and updated where necessary. read more

Fritz Leiber at 100 article…

A very very good article on “Fritz Leiber at 100” over at conceptual fiction.  It gives a very very clear view of why Fritz is still such an important writer…

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