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Our Lady of Darkness

First published as Pale Brown Thing a 2 part serial in Fantasy & Science Fiction (issues 1,2/77). His last novel, and undoubtedly one of his very best ...

Whispers 13/14

First published in 1979 by Whispers as a Hardback

A Fritz Leiber tribute issue of the magazine Whispers was also released as a HB book signed by Fritz and the editors. As well as The Button Molder, the book also contains some wonderful illustrations from Steve Fabian, his ‘Swords set’ is just stunning.

Rosemary Pardue also wrote the excellent article on the Button Molder short Story.

The Book also contains.

A Ghostly Photograph of Fritz Leiber • interior artwork by Emil Petaja

The Button Molder • novelette by Fritz Leiber

Swords and Deviltry Folio • interior artwork by Stephen Fabian

Fritz Leiber Revisited: From Hyde Park to Geary Street • essay by James Wade

Alderman Stratton’s Fancy • (1969) • shortstory by David Campton

Alderman Stratton’s Fancy • interior artwork by Raul Garcia Capella

Castle of Tears • [Dread Empire] • shortstory by Glen Cook

Castle of Tears • interior artwork by Vincent Napoli

Blood Moon • shortstory by Thomas L. Owen

Chang Dree • shortstory by Gerald W. Page

HPL: A Reminiscence (part 2 of 2) • essay by H. Warner Munn

The Sorcerer’s Dream • shortstory by Brian Lumley

The Sorcerer’s Dream • interior artwork by Alan Hunter

A Fly One • shortstory by Steve Sneyd

A Fly One • interior artwork by Denis Tiani

The Last Ambition • shortstory by Charles L. Grant

The Last Ambition • interior artwork by Alan Hunter

Who Nose What Evil • shortstory by Charles E. Fritch

Who Nose What Evil • interior artwork by Jim Shull

The White Beast • [Dilvish] • shortstory by Roger Zelazny

The White Beast • interior artwork by Alan Hunter

The Secret Member • essay by J. Vernon Shea

The Dead Line • shortstory by Dennis Etchison

Smoke Ghost • interior artwork by Chris Pellitiere

Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

Conjure Wife

Fritz Leiber's classic tale of witchcraft,...

Night Monsters

Night Monsters was first published in 1969 by Ace as a Paperback

Containing several of his horror stories, with the exception of the Creature From Cleveland Depths, the stories in Night Monsters are all of a dark and mysterious nature.

The Ace Edition of Night Monsters only contained:
The Casket Demon
The Black Gondolier
Midnight in the Mirror World
I’m Looking For Jeff

Whilst later editions contained all the stories except Casket Demon…

Night Monsters originally appeared as an Ace double with The Green Millenium read more

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