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Locus Magazine – Fritz Leiber ‘In Memoriam’

The November 1992 issue of Locus had a collection of memories from Justin Leiber and several other authors, as well as numerous photos.  I have scanned and converted the article so everyone can enjoy it.

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Fritz Leiber at Bay, by Justin Leiber

On the evening of Saturday, September 12, 1992, Fritz Leiber lay in an open casket at San Francisco’s Colum barium. The Neptune Society’s compact, several-storied, Romanesque domed building, its walls internally well-nested with name-plaqued brassed and coppered ashes, appropriately bore symbols and titles more redolent of turn-of-the-century tarot pack and Grecian revival than Christianity. read more

Obituary in The Times

Times Obituary

Although often referred to as a science fiction author, Fritz Leiber lived in a world far more complex than that. He was the first to use the term ‘Swords and Sorcery’ to describe this particular SF sub-genre, and wrote of dark horrors of the commonplace: scratch the surface of urban life and there is something deeply sinister beneath. In this he could be compared to the director David Lynch read more

Fritz Leiber


FRITZ (REUTER) LEIBER (Jr) (24th Dec 1910 – 5th Sept.1992)

The son of a noted Shakespearean actors (Fritz Leiber Snr and Virginia Bronson) in 1910 Fritz was first published in ‘The Churchman‘ while he was training to be an Episcopal minister (he never completed his training, his devotion somewhat lacking).  He turned his hand towards the field of weird fiction (corresponding with H P Lovecraft) and got his first commercial sale to Unknown Magazine – Two Sought Adventure in 1939. read more

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