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shortstorie: Martians - Keep Out!

Artwork: Martians, Keep Out!

Martians, Keep OutFuture SF July 1950Milton Luros

Martians, Keep Out
Future SF July 1950
Milton Luros

Deadly Moon and Other Tales

A really nice collections, with some rare uncollected stories (Big Engine, Martians Keep Out) plus Gummitch, Lankhmar and Dr Dragonnet ...

Future Science Fiction

Future Science Fiction magazine had its genesis in two magazines that both began to be published in 1939: Science Fiction (March 1939) and Future Fiction (November 1939). In October 1941, the two magazines were merged into the new Future Combined with Science Fiction. In October 1942 the name was changed to Future Fantasy and Science Fiction and in April 1943 it was changed to Science Fiction Stories. After the July 1943 edition, the magazine ceased publication for seven years. read more

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