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The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Running from 1949 to the present day, this magazine was where many of Fritz’s more abstract stories were first published, as well as several Lankhmar tales.

Covers are only shown where they are for one of Fritz’s stories.

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When The Last Gods Die1951 / 12
The Big Holiday1953 / 01
The Silence Game1954 / 04
Last1957 / 03 Big Trek1957 / 10
A Deskful of Girls (kelley Freas cover)1958 / 04
Little Old Miss Macbeth1958 / 10 Silver Eggheads1959 / 01
The Oldest Soldier1960 / 05
The Man Who made Friends with Electricity1962 / 03 Secret Songs1962 / 08
Myths My Great-Granddaughter Taught Me1963 / 01
Game for Motel Room1963 / 03
Kindergarden1963 / 04
Success1963 / 07
237 Talking Statues Etc.1963 / 09
When the Change-Winds Blow 1964 / 08
Four Ghosts in Hamlet1965 / 01
The Winter Flies1967 / 10
The Turned-off Heads1968 / 01 of Shadows1969 / 07
Ill Met in Lankhmar1970 / 04
The Price of Pain-Ease1971 / 11
The Lotus Eaters1972 / 02
Cats Three1973 / 10
Catch That Zeppelin!1975 / 03
The Cat Hotel1983 / 10

Selected Stories

A very good compilation from 2010, containing a fair spread of stories.

Fafhrd & The Gray Mouser (Epic & DC Comics)

First published in 1990 by Epic as a Comic

First appearing in DC Comics Swords and Sorcery (by by Denny O’Neil and Howard Chaykin) Then in a new set of comics (Howard and Mike Mignola), these Lankhmar stories were spread across 4 issues, Dark Horse have made these later versions into and anthology edition.

Credits: Howard Chaykin – adaptation and script, Mike Mignola – pencil art, Al Williamson – inks, Sheryl Van Valkenburgh – color art, Michael Heisler – Lettering and Logo Design, Suzanne Dell’Orto – Assistant Editor, Nelson Yomtov – Editor, Carl Potts – Executive Editor Epic Comics. read more

Tor SF double No. 19

First published in 1990 by TOR as a Paperback

The Hugo and Nebula award winning Novellete Ill Met in Lankmar is bundled with The Fair in Emain Macha by Charles de Lint. Charles de Lint pays tribute to Fritz in his introduction.

Tor Double #19 is an old-and-new contrast — the very first of Leiber’s tales of Fafhrd and theGray Mouser, and an early work by one of today’s best young fantasists (the author of Yarrow,Moonheart, and Svaha). Both are excellent of their kind, Leiber’s particularly so. Lankhmar has spawned so many imitators in the decades since Leiber first chronicled the skulduggery in its dark streets that it is easy to forget how good the original stories were. Rediscover, and enjoy!
Raymonds Reviews #029 Date: 5 Apr 90 16:11:11 GMT

Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

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The Three of Swords

First published in 1989 by SFBC as a Hardback

Collects the first three Swords books.

Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

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Ill Met in Lankhmar

First published in 1995 by Whitewolf as a Hardback

Ill Met in Lankhmar is an omnibus edition including both Swords Against Deviltry and Swords Against Death as well as some poetry about the Gray Mouser. The book opens with a fascinating introduction by Micheal Moorcock and is followed by Fritz Leibers ‘Fafhrd and Me’  The book contains numerous illustrations, quite simply a superb edition of the two books.

Ill Met in Lankhmar reviews & articles Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

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Ship of Shadows

A Collection containing many of Fritz's award winning stories

Swords and Deviltry

First published in 1970 by Ace as a Paperback

The first of the Swords series (In the Lankhmar chronology) containing stories mainly pertaining to the childhood and finally the meeting of Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser in the Nebula award winning story Ill met in Lankhmar.

Review at SF Site

Review by The Little Red Reviewer

Review at Conceptual Fiction

Review at The Quill and Keyboard

Review by Bruce Durham

Notable Editions: First edition is Ace no. 79170. Gregg Press HB. Mayflower also did a box set. George Prior HB. Also available as Kindle and an Audiobook

Contains the following short stories (listed in alphabetical order)

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